FBFB project news

2005-11-12 13:46 FreelanceBOT beta 1.0 released

2005-03-17 09:03 Questions and Answers thread in FB Developers forum

SourceForge.net: Developers 

This thread intended to help developers to understand better program specifications.

2005-03-10 22:48 Welcombe back, Tony!

TrueFireTony, who was on FB project on Asynchrony, joined us. 

Tony have put a lot of efforts to bring FB to life, he wrote Specification Document and helped to manage project's tasks.

2005-02-27 20:45 FreelanceBOT reincarnated as Open Source Project

Finally, after about of two years of being stagnated our project gets new life on Source Forge.net as Open Source project. 

Our team hopes to meet new members to finish this program and to present it to Community soon.